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الاقرع البطين يجبر على التقاعد من منصبه

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Poor Jihad al Maleeki. He'z finna 'Burst' in tearz

At least da Fajit butthurt Barrak Abu Amama haz someone he can order around.

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Cum git yer Archive, foo. Double Dare ya, inbred barn boi.

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Baghdad ~ Umm Kulthum 1958

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كوكب الشرق - ام كلثوم

بغداد يا قلعة الأسود ~ ّ~ يا كعبة المجد والصمود

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How Speciez Actually 'Die Out'

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Chalb flea

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Oil for Food Scandal (old newz)

I get so many emails from London-based lawyers asking me to take down this list I translated back in 2004 : Here it is again, from a fellow blogger's site Link
Hi Honkz

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Surviving Death Squads for Dummies

(published this back in  early 2006)

Before reading the guidelines, please keep the following facts in mind: 

1- The mere fact that you are arrested by security militias would mean possible death or deadly injury, even if you were innocent. Therefore, your main goal should be to escape arrest by any means possible.
2- The phrase "We have a few questions, and you'll be back in an hour" usually means your disappearance for months or, God forbid, your death. Therefore, do not be naive to trust security forces.
3- Remember, your presence in detention means 11 dollars a day for prison officers to feed you; a dollar for your food and 10 for the officers. As a result, keeping you in detention is a guaranteed source of profit for security officers, even if you were innocent. 

The following security plan to avoid detention depends on organising neigbourhood watch teams, and in the following manner:

1- Look for trustworthy friends in your area and remind them that your cooperation is vital to save many lives in the neighbourhood.
2- Draw a simple map of your area. Put down the main streets and back alleys that would be used by Interior ministry forces to reach your area. Remember that security patrols will not land on your house from a helicopter, but will instead use main streets leading to your house.
3- You can use Internet services such as Google Earth to identify the streets leading to your area. Download it fromhttp://earth.google.com/download-earth.html
4- Coordinate with your neighbourhood team to watch and to patrol surrounding streets, according to the diagram. This should be around usual raid hours. 
5- Exchange landline and cellular phone numbers with your team. Upon noticing a patrol (usually modern 4 wheel drive vehicles with no number plates) entering your area, call to notify neighbours and the rest of your team members.
6- Train your family and friends to be alert to movement in the street, strangers or suspicious activities. Regularly discuss the neighbourhood’s situation with your team members.
7- Every person should be trained on the appropriate method to hide or escape. Learn to hide valuable items and jewelry within minutes of a raid. Remember that all cupboards and drawers will be opened. Beds and blankets will be turned over.

Things to remember:

1- In most occasions, the raiding force is unaware of your identity, until you tell them! Train yourself on impersonating someone else when necessary.
2- It might be a good idea to carry a second ID card, with your own photo but under a different name. Some people have escaped arrest by claiming they were guards with no relation to the family living in the residence. 
3- If you are not familiar with your neigbourhood, now is the time to be so. Stay up to date with events and gossip in the area. The murder of your neighbourhood's baker, for example, could lead to the murder of the storeowner next door, as an act of vengeance by security militias. It does not matter if both were innocent.
4- Security militias rarely know you in person. They usually learn your name and address from an informer in your area. It is of the utmost importance to remain alert at all times. Do not enter and leave your residence at known intervals. Do not use the same vehicle if possible. Try to spend a few nights away at friends or relatives. 
5- Arrange with your neighbours to place small roadblocks (palm tree trunks) at all entry points to your area. Every extra minute you gain is on your side, and would help you escape more easily.
6- Do NOT resist the raiding force, under any circumstances. Just try to escape capture, using any trick possible. Remember that you know the insides and outsides of your area better than anyone else.
7- Remove anything from your residence or your computer that might be interpreted by the raiding force as related to 'terrorism'. Books, posters, photos, religious leaflets printed in Saudi Arabia, websites, audio and video clips and CDs, even if they are commonly available on the market.
8- Important data on your computer might be lost forever. Use an online storage service to backup your important files, or use a well-hidden flash memory stick, or even your email inbox. If you are forced to destroy your SIM card, you can store your telephone contacts using the same method. Remember that cell phones are almost always stolen during raids. You might endanger your friends and family if security militias confiscate your cell phone.
9- People are commonly arrested and killed because of the surname in their ID cards. If you have a surname that identifies your sectarian background (such as Al-Dulaimi or Al-Janabi), try to issue a new ID with no surname or tribe name if possible. If your birthplace is Ramadi, Fallujah, or Madain, for example, be sure to issue a new ID to keep you safer. Do not drive a vehicle with Al-Anbar number plates in areas of sectarian unrest.

Important guidelines: 

1- Women should arrange to hide valuables such as jewelry, money and important documents as they see fit. The raiding force rarely searches women.
2- Most victims of sectarian killings or torture had specific religious appearances. Try to shave your beard, and avoid behaviour, appearances and discussions that might identify your sectarian background.
3- Before you leave the house, watch for movements and any suspicious vehicles or strangers around you. Do not use the same road often, and try to leave and return at different intervals.
4- If you receive a threat, do NOT ignore it. Move to another area or governorate for some time. 
5- Avoid entering sectarian or religious discussions, for whatever reasons, even when you feel you, or your beliefs, are intentionally provoked. Your life is more valuable than a pointless debate. 
6- Be respectful and tolerant of your colleagues. Let them feel you are sympathetic and understanding to their feelings. Respect other people’s religious occasions. Close your store or business if necessary. Learn to compliment!
7- Keep the above guidelines in mind all the time. Pass it on to others. Reject sectarianism and remember that all Iraqis of all sects and ethnicities are paying dearly for this. 

Rusty Copter down near Tikrit

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Who's Da 'Real' Terrist?

Healing Iraq: Iraqis Prepare for Further Sectarian Violence (Upd...

’Might be useful for Eyeraqis (or anyone for that matter) to publish these Zombie Apocalypse Survival tips I published back in 2006

Healing Iraq: Iraqis Prepare for Further Sectarian Violence (Upd...: (Scroll down for updates.) As the cycle of sectarian violence in Baghdad rages on, despite a three-day curfew, many people in the war-tor...

Oh Hai Unkil Sam

Look at yer ugly, old, lying sack-of-shit face

Goodbye Dead Sheriff

New York Times Interactive : ISIS

Thanks @NewYorkTimes. this is very Useful. The sectarian map looks familiar too. I still have the original copy it was published in in 2007 ;----)

Patrik Cockburn - A 'New?' Dark Age

Poor Cock-Burn. Wonder if he's shedding tears for the tearing-apart of his Grand Daddies' Imperial experiment. Another Fat White Fajit pontificating out of his soft, smooth bum about things he will never


IS Promo Vid

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US Iraq airstrikes map

Another kool Iraqi social media map. This one purports to know which 'IS-controlled' cities the US is planning to airstrike

VICE embedded report on IS

Dog shit

2005 Ba'athist prophecy

 Lulz. I wrote this back in 2005. My full-display naivete from back then is annoying me. I feel like going back and deleting (or even editing) every single post. ;)
I had another conversation some months ago with a retired Ba'athist old-timer who claimed that Ba'athists have the means to stage a third coup d'etat and return to power within 10 hours of an American withdrawal. On sensing my incredulity to his statement he asserted that Ba'athist cells exist in all parts of the country and that they do have a central command, even though many have formed seperate cells (often under Islamic labels) with their own leaderships. He said that they have the training and the funding as well as the support of neighbouring and regional governments.

I concur that Ba'athists and former security forces are capable of immediately controlling at least 5 out of 18 governorates, along with the capital, if Americans are to be removed from the picture entirely. But I also see that as a fatal misconception, which is doing Sunnis harm, because I don't believe the US is going anywhere so soon. Any government that assumes power after the elections also realises this, so not even Sistani is going to call the US to withdraw its troops, despite what he is saying now, not until they are ensured the insurgency is out of the picture, or that they have an alternative foreign power (in this case Iran) to back them up.

The only hope now is that, following the elections, the National Assembly would offer the hand of peace and reconciliation to the dissenting parties. I would suggest going for tribal Sheikhs rather than clerics, since they have the upper hand in their areas and can effectively root out any Ba'athists in their midst in return for a promise of sharing power and authority. Many of these Sheikhs have been disenfranchised and abused over the last two years. Very recently, US forces in Al-Anbar made a terrible blunder by accidentally killing Abdul-Razaq Inad Al-Gu'ud, Sheikh of the Al-Bu Nimr clan from the powerful Dulaym tribe.

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Is when you ask your buddy to take a scenic mugshot of you on a central Baghdad bridge on the Tigris, while holding your freshly pressed and dry cleaned work shirt, and reminding him to make sure not to show in the picture the army convoy passing by or the burning historical mosque in the background.   ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

flea chalb